John Bridges
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John Bridges stood in Piccadilly Gardens

Who is John Bridges?

In Deansgate, John is standing up for the city centre residents who demand better from our council.

A veteran equalities campaigner, John spoke against Section 28 in front of 20,000 gathered at Albert Square. He helped set up City’s LGBT+ supporters group, and chaired Manchester’s only LGBT+ football club for many years. John personifies Manchester’s open, tolerant, liberal values. That’s why he’s always put communities across Manchester first. A seven term City Councillor, John chaired committees focused on bringing anti-social behaviour down, and was the chair of school governors at a primary school. He keenly understands issues that affect residents - on schools, on crime, and on holding local representatives to account, John puts people first.

Whether it be working at New Smithfield fish market, delivering letters as a postie, or using his season ticket at the Etihad, John is a stalwart of the city. His experiences are why he’s been a strong voice for our communities for so long.

Putting people first means planning for Manchester in the long-term. As a leading figure in the campaign against the climate emergency, and against the illegal levels of air pollution across the City Centre, green solutions are at the heart of John’s ethos for the city.

John Bridges was born and raised in Hertfordshire. His father was an RAF squadron leader, and mother an artist. After attending the local comprehensive, he went to university in Manchester, where he’s lived for 40 years. In that time, he’s experienced all walks of city life.

Today, John lives on Princess Street, in the beating heart of the City Centre. In his day job he helps hardworking local councillors do their job across Britain. As the next councillor for Deansgate, he wants to stand up for people from all walks of life.

Why should I vote for John Bridges?

1. Green Our Growing City

John Bridges in front of an empty tree bed

Four thousand trees have disappeared within the City Centre since 2000. As our city grows we must ensure it remains a pleasant place to live and balance continued development with quality of life. We should start by replanting trees in the empty tree beds around the city centre.

Sign John's petition to plant more trees

2. The Climate Emergency

John Bridges wearing an air filter mask in front of queueing traffic on Deansgate

The climate emergency is an existential threat. Manchester has lethal and illegal levels of air pollution and it's damaging too many lives.

The Liberal Democrats will crack down on air pollution and invest in renewable energy, creating green jobs across the UK. This is a global emergency. We will work in the EU to lead on this emergency and protect our planet.

3. Protecting Public Services

John Bridges standing outside of Manchester Central Community Fire Station holding a Save Our Station sign

The NHS and social care services are in a state of crisis. When people turn for help, too often help is not there.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party with a clear plan for the NHS and social care. Under our plan, the health and care services will be there for you and your loved ones when they need it, and won’t have to stretch budgets to breaking point.

It's neck and neck in Deansgate

Labour497 votesJohn Bridges48 to win!

In the 2019 council elections, John was only 48 votes away from being able to give an alternative voice for the City Centre on the council.

Help John win votes in Deansgate

John needs £1000 to run a successful campaign in Deansgate. He's part way there already, can you help?

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